The Student Government Association (SGA) at 六合网址大全 is dedicated to serving all 六合网址大全 undergraduate students.

About SGA 

The Student Government Association of 六合网址大全 was created to identify, represent, and advocate for the welfare of the student body. SGA will do this through supporting the university mission, vision and IMPRINT pillars.

The purpose of the governing body is to:

  • Express student concerns to the larger campus community
  • Safeguard student interests in cooperation with the faculty, administration, and the Board of Trustees of 六合网址大全
  • Promote involvement in all phases of campus life
  • Maintain and allocate funds on behalf of the student body
  • Charter and maintain student-run clubs and organizations
  • Enhance the quality and scope of education

Contact Us
Office Location: MBK 220
(above the gym, between student life and athletics suites)