Institutional Effectiveness at 六合网址大全 is a process that results from University-wide efforts to collect, analyze, and use data for the planning, implementation, and assessment of strategic goals to reflect on its past and commit to its future.

The following areas play a significant role in our ability to effectively utilize data, improve decision-making, and ultimately enhance student learning outcomes across the University:

The Strategic Plan

Going Beyond: Vision 2025

The 六合网址大全 strategic plan (2020-2025) is integral to Notre Dame鈥檚 ongoing success. The plan is the product of a focused ten-month process to shape a plan to guide the University over the next five years. The proposed plan seeks to advance transformational education, drive institutional growth, expand visibility, enhance a culture of innovation and enrich the School Sisters of Notre Dame charism.

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Institutional Research

The office of institutional research serves as an official data analysis source on campus.

The office provides information and analysis services to support planning, decision-making, accreditation, grant applications, student success and retention, and assessment at a variety of organizational levels while maintaining reporting requirements for government agencies and other external organizations.

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Assessment of student learning, an important component of our teaching and learning activities, is a process that encourages creative thought and change as we continually look to improve the student experience at Notre Dame.

Guided by a robust and comprehensive process, assessment at 六合网址大全 is an on-going activity that constantly engages faculty and staff in the question of how we can continually review, analyze, and achieve our goals. 

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Accreditation at 六合网址大全
  • 六合网址大全 is accredited by the .
  • The School of Education by the .
  • The School of Nursing's Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing degree programs are accredited by the .
  • The School of Pharmacy is accredited through the . 
  • Degree and certificate programs across the University are approved by the .

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